“Stop Cutting Compensations To Your Fellow Real Estate Agents”

I won’t mention specific compensation amounts, but I ran a search for a client today, and nearly every listing (29) had either a crackpot offer for compensation or one that was sliced down considerably.

In a market where sellers are getting multiple offers and dollar amounts far over what the house is listed for, I find this absolutely abhorrent.

This puts the buyer’s agent in a terrible situation with their clients who they have to tell, “hey you’re going to have to come out of pocket for my commission.”

Our payment structure has always been genius since it was built into the sale price of the house.

These cuts in compensation to your fellow agents to me are clearly a violation of buyer representation laws, in that you are discouraging buyers from having their own representation (and builders, shame on you!), with a seemingly determined effort to cut out said buyer’s agent.

The only thing I can say is to stop putting yourself and your fellow agents on the Clearance Rack. Because if we don’t stand up and support each other, we’ll all be a thing of the past.


The crux of my post is, how are you handling this with your buyers?

Do you talk to them about this upfront and let them know they may be paying out of pocket?

Or do you let it ride and just accept whatever is offered?

Case in point: I just sold a $600k new build to a client and am netting $1500 after I pay my broker, Uncle Sam, and a referral fee, as my buyer refused to cover any of the underages.


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